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Christos Tousis began drawing in 1973. Meanwhile, he’s been creating his signature art for over 20 years while living on Crete, in Athens, and in Germany. The resulting works are primarily reminiscent of the motifs in comics. With his heart, Christos seeks to capture the magic of landscapes, locations, and people through the means of his vibrant drawing pencils. Over the years, Christos has created thousands of hand-drawn cards as individual keepsakes that scores of travelers have taken home with them as memories of their journeys. 

Christos Tousis looks behind the scenes of human life and objects and searches for the souls of landscapes and people as he documents their quests to find happiness and joy.

In doing so, Christos keeps the human dimension at the forefront of his inner eye and uses his own signature view and perspective to create motifs that are both moving and provocative.

Christos has had the opportunity to create exhibitions in Athens, Berlin, Essen, in the Zellertal, and in Lentas on Crete. In turn, these have provided inspiration and motivation for new creations.